Upcoming Events

Tuesday March 28th 6:00-7:30 parent meeting "Preschool at night"

April 6 clean up day 12:00-2:00

April 8, Open house 10:00-12:00

School closed April 14th-21st for Spring Break





Modesto Parent Participation Preschool, established in 1970, is founded on the principle that the best education results from an active partnership among parents, teachers, and children. Our philosophy embraces the idea that our children learn best through play,  and we provide a rich learning and playing environment where parents and children experience child development together.

Our free-flow structure and developmentally-appropriate curriculum provide an environment where each unique child can learn and grow, and where parents can learn more about their children and their job as parents.

We have two amazing teachers with a rich history at MPPP, one of whom also serves as our program director. As a cooperative preschool, we keep our costs low and our adult-child ratio high by having parents participate in the classroom regularly. Parents also make up our 10-member Board of Directors and take on other roles from gardener to shopper to ensure the success of our school. 

We are licensed through the State of California and are a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS)