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2019-2020 school year

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IPM plan


Children learn best through hands-on experiences.  With each type of play, they learn about their environment and the people they are with. 

Individual children have different interests and may choose to participate in some activities more than others.  Some children prefer manipulatives such as puzzles, pegs, or Legos.  Some children like to cook which involves stirring, measuring, cutting, and talking about foods.  Outside play is popular with the activity of running, jumping, climbing, and bike riding.  Through exposure to music they learn skills like hopping, marching, clapping, and singing.  Natural science might include looking at different animals, magnets, weather, and water activities.  Social science gives children the opportunity to learn about different cultures.  The benefits of art experience are found through paint, paper, markers, collage, and gluing.  We encourage imaginary and dramatic play in the playhouse and block area.  It is very exciting to see children learning and having fun at the same time.