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IPM plan




Attached is Teacher Syndi's weekly lesson plan....this week is SPACE!  I hope you all have a fantastic week. A few reminders:
1)  Remember to bring a spare pair of clothing for your child to keep in his/her bin in case of emergency.  
2)  Feel free to bring a water bottle to the pre-school for your child to keep as they play outside. Be sure to include their name on the bottle.
3)  Of course we all know the ICS is this Friday March 4th.  I am so excited.  Please tell your friends and family.
4)  Spring break is March 25th-April 3rd.
5)  There are 2 clean-up days left in the school year and each family is required to work at one.  So far the remaining scheduled dates are Thursday April 7th (12:30pm-2:30pm) and Saturday May 21st (10am-12pm.)
6)  The pre-school Open House is Saturday April 9th from 10am-12pm.
7)  The MPPP yard sale fundraiser is Saturday April 16th.  As far as I know, Kaleena is still kindly accepting donated items to store until the yard sale.



Hello all,

Attached is the lesson plan for this week, from Syndi.  The theme for the week is "tools and construction." Teacher Syndi said that she will be working on theclass auction project during class this Friday. She needs all students there, if at all possible!  Also, please have your child wear "very bright" clothing!  This should be interesting :)
Have a great week.




Attached is the lesson plan from Teacher Syndi.  She said thank you to those who donated milk/juice jugs. 
Please note there will be a "Friendship Card Exchange" on Friday 2/12. Please see comments regarding the exchange:
1)  Cards may be purchased or homemade
2)  Putting names on cards is optional, per Syndi
2)  If your child is bringing cards, please plan to help your child place cards in the cardholders before you leave
3)  Cards will be exchanged at the beginning of the class on Friday 2/12 from 9:00 to 9:20am.




Attached is the weekly lesson plan from Teacher Syndi.  The kids will be learning about ice!
Here are a few reminders:
1)  Book orders are due today, January 25th. To shop online:     One-Time Class Activation Code:  P68K6
2)  There is a mandatory parent meeting tomorrowJanuary 26th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  From what I hear, pizza will be served :-)
3)  Hopefully you are getting together your raffle items for this year's Ice Cream Social on March 4th.  Don't forget to tell your friends and family to "save the date!"
4)  Also, please bring a spare change of clothing to school for your child. With the wet weather and the occasional "messy play zone mishap" your child may be the one who needs an extra set of clothes to change into. I see a lot of empty boxes (including my daughters...oops)
Have a great week!



Welcome Back Families,
I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! As you return to school Monday you will notice some exciting changes. I have been working hard over break to not only "freshen things up" for the new year, but most importantly, to create inviting and defined learning centers where intentional learning can happen!
 I am looking forward to working with you all as we guide and support children's learning as they explore and investigate their "new" environment. I am especially excited to put our new Discovery Lab to use right away as we learn about wind this week as part of our Winter Weather Study!
Again welcome back, and looking forward to seeing you all Monday!