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IPM plan


As a cooperative preschool, MPPP keeps costs low and adult-child ratios high by having parents work in the classroom and participate in all other aspects of running the preschool. Parent responsibilities include:

Preschool Requirements

Classroom Work Days

In our preschool classes, parents participates as a teaching assistant in the classroom approximately once every other week throughout the school year. Working parents arrive 15 minutes before school begins to help set up and stay 15 minutes after to help clean up.

In addition, one parent must also be available and prepared to work as a substitute in the classroom on an emergency day as scheduled.

Parent Education

Parents are required to attend four parent education meetings, including orientation throughout the school year.

Work Hours

Each family must contribute a minimum of 15 work hours per year in addition to the classroom work time. Project work hours can be satisfied by choosing a year-long project position, completing miscellaneous projects, or serving on the Board of Directors.

Clean-up Day

Each family must also participate in at least one clean-up day per year.


In order to maintain our low tuition, we rely on fundraising and ask parents to participate in fundraising activities. 


A snack donation list is posted on the sign-in table, and we ask parents to donate as they can.

Immunization requirements

Any family member that will be working in the classroom will need to have the following:

A vaild TB test

Dtap and measles vaccination (documentation from a doctor is required)

Influenza vaccination done between August 1st-December 1st each year

2-year-old Requirements

Classroom Work Days

In our 2-year-old class, parents attend each week with their child, shadowing their activities.

Parent Education

2-year-old parents are invited to attend parent education meetings that take place throughout the year.

Other Requirements

The 2-year-old class is an introduction to the MPPP program and has fewer requirements than our preschool classes. Participation in clean-up days, work hours, and fundraising are not mandatory but welcome!